Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Eve Pearl

Hey everyone sorry for not posting any new makeup pictures lately. I have been WAY busy like it's CRAZY!
I have heard about Eve Pearl Makeup and wanted to know has anyone used it & what's your thoughts on the products that they make good bad eh what?



  1. Hi! I have the HD kit in light and I really like it. I don't use the whole kit all that often because it was not cheap. What I use on a regular basis is the salmon concealer (see review on my blog bj-wuschel.blogspot.com) and the ultimate eyes pallet as well as the photo finish powder and the blushes. Oh looks like the only thing I don't use often is the foundation :) As I said, I like it. Did you watch the tutorials on their HP yet? Also, pursebuzz.com has done some tuts with Eve Pearl.

  2. i want to purchase her ultimate kit for 500 bucks. but i still have to save for it. Shes a 5 time emmy award winner so i trust her makeup.