Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Bridal Photos

*Above* Tina did her makeup I Prep & Primed her face, but then Tina asked me to make it a little more dramatic then what she had , so I darkened the purple and used black cherry lipstick by Mary-Kay BEAUTIFUL color

*Hailey Bug* I used more bronzed and orange colors on her since her eyes are SO freaking blue and amazing the orange helped make it pop

*Above* I was a bit afraid because she was the first girl Tina let me do on my own and I had to keep telling myself keep it simple and brideish lol

Okay so here are the girls that Tina let me do :) ekk and here is the info for Tina and the Photographer

and here's the link to the rest of all the pictures of all the other models :)
and THIS is Tinas blog

Photography by Eye Wander PhotoMake Up - Tina Rodosta Make Up assistant - Margo Clark Hair Stylist - Chey Esposito Bridal Accessories courtesy Bridal Boutique

SOME of my birthday pictures out on Bourbon Street

Kisses to my man
Ha I spilled my water all down my face (yes WATER...loser I know)

Sam and her man Nick

Nick and I

The "other" Nick and I

Ha the fan was all blowing on us *Me, LP, Ace*

Michael Wayne and I

Me and "mommas"

Mi Amor

Kisses to the birthday girl

Apparently this is called a blowjob shot

and I was a LITTLE afraid of what the whip cream was going to used for

Sam the ham my Bestie since 5th grade :)

Me laughing about something in the hotel room

Teriwinkle and I

Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday weekend well the DAY after my birthday

*Above* Bourbon Street around 3ish AM
*Above* me squishing Ant while he tried to sleep

*Above* Sunday lunch in the quater

*Above* Sunday kisses in the quater

*Above* me waiting for Ant to catch up while he snaps random photos of me

*Above* yet another random photo of me people watching lol DEFF one of my FAV things to do!

*Above* Ant getting it on with his ice cream cone

*Above* me shoveling my champagne ice down my throat oh so yummy

*Above* A very prissy picture of me looking back at Ant wondering where he went

Here are some pictures of the day AFTER my birthday out in New Orleans. I will post the pictures of us out getting our party on when I can DL them onto the laptop rather than my work computer lol.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This past Sunday *7-17-09*

I got to help do a Bride themed photo shoot some were real brides and some were just models it was absolutely AMAZING and the girl who was ahead of it all and owned the studio *Tina Rodosta* taught me some tips and tricks. AS SOON as the pictures come out I will be sure to post them up ah I'm so excited I really can't tell yall how much fun I had. I didn't care that it was Sunday and that we worked from 10am till 7:30ish I WAY enjoyed it and the people. I even learned where to go and not go for all my bridal needs :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

My little brother and I on the boat

*Me in Books A Million checking out some makeup books thanks to my lovely bf sneaking up on me*

And these were all pictures of Teri and I cutting up excuse the lack of makeup please we were laying out all day :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

whew oh my LANTA

I'm so sorry I have been not been posting anything lately. I have been SUPER bizzy and of course have tons of pictures to post so I will make sure to get to them ASAP.