Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vamp, Vamp it up :) (6/8/09 pictures taken)

Okay so I have a bad habit of not editing ANY of my photos so I realized in a lot of them I have red eyes or bad lighting I'm SO sorry I will DEFF try and start getting on top of that and correcting the errors:)
I applied a matte white from eye to brow the taped the side area of my eye for the straight edge then took a matte light brown and applied in the crease then a darker brown to the conner of eyes thick eyeliner on water line and top of lid smudge the bottom and took a small angled brush and applied a shimmery light brown under the black smudge liner.
I outlined them with a black eye liner pencil then filled in my lips with a BRIGHT red took a lip pencil and smudged them together and added a pinky red Nars lip gloss I believe the name of it is bedroom talk.
Well my hair had a ton og hairspray in it from how my hair was fixed earlier in the day to I took a hair clip and clipped just the back up and teased the front added a LITTLE more hairspray and BAM made it look like I just had a GREAT night of.....riding a rollar coaster in a very windy area :) get cha minds out the gutters ; )