Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Quick Question,E.L.F. Order and random morning pix from my man

Morning Makeup Lovers!
So I got my confirmation that *drum roll PLEASE* DADadadAdaDADA FINALLY my E.L.F. order will be in today ekk I can't wait. It's about dang time though I spent extra money to have it delivered in 3 days and it shipped out on the 28th and is JUST going to get to me today, but whatever I'm finally getting it whahwoo. I can't wait to post pictures of everything it says my package weighs 7 pounds lol whoops I got a little carried away. anywhos i will deff have some pick-chas soon!!!

Oh and I have a question everyone let me know what you think the best mixing medium is to use to make e/s's into waterproof e/s or e/l.

Thank you,

XX's Margo

My Man and My Baby girl

My Boys :)

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