Wednesday, June 3, 2009

LIPS and Randomness

Humm Lip products I orders Lip plumper lip glosses and then like a lip plumper and sheer stick,lip pencils,lip balm and some lip glosses.

So the first thing I decided to try on the way home in the car lol because I couldn't wait was the lip plumper and sheer stick WELL it's apparently in the flavor cinnamon and OUCH burned like hell hahaha I think it's something I'm going to have to try again because I wasn't expecting it to burn like it did* it only lasted like a min and then the burn was gone* The lip balm
"Therapeutic Conditioning Balm" in orange cream is AMAZING and SO smooth on your lips so I would highly recommend this product. Lip liners are creamy seem to glide on pretty well.The lip glosses are very nice the color is just DEFF off from the computer screen to when you receive them. The lip products had a lot more product for your buck.

The random products were eye makeup remover pads, nail polish remover and a double mirrior compact. I havent tried the makeup pads or nail polish remover pads YET, but I will tonight so I'll let everyone know how that goes and the mirrior was GREAT for a buck!. It has a normal side and then a magnified sidde which whew sometimes I hate that side of the mirrior lol.

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