Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Last night (6/16/09) I got a little Jamaican Man!

FORE WARNING there is a LOT of pictures :) and unedited :( I swear I Will edit them I just don't have a program at work that allows me to do so
and I realized...I SO need to do my eyebrows lol


  1. Girl you do NOT even need to edit your pictures, you look gorgeous!

  2. you are gorgeous girl! and have a lot of talent! Im loving the vamp look!
    as for the brush you can find it a few diff places Ill give you some links:

    or if you ebay you can message this lovely lady at
    and ask her if she can get the brush for you, thats what I did and she listed it for me at a great price with excellent customer service

    hope that helps :)

  3. Nope, it was actually a fish contest :)

  4. OMG ! Girl you are absolutly stunning! and have such wonderful blue eyes! love all your make up looks too :Dxxx


  5. wooow!! this is so bright and gorgeous. You did a great job blending all the colors together. I love it ;)