Tuesday, June 23, 2009

lash plump: Elite's Maria Nebrera's Advice!

Elite's Maria Nebrera's Advice!

Here's an old trick that's just arrived from the past!

Twelve years ago, when I started out in the industry, you had to repurpose things.... Yes, yes, you had to be a little bit ingenious to achieve your own effects, since the cosmetics market wasn't nearly as developed as it is now.

Remember that there were only a couple of types of mascara made by each brand, whereas now you can't even decide which one to choose.

There is one trick from back then that I keep on using at fashion events, and it never fails.

To thicken lashes so that it looks like you have twice as many, I first apply a coat of mascara. Then, before it dries, I use a wide eye shadow brush to apply loose powder over the lashes, and then I apply another coat of mascara.

The powder thickens the cream and you get a spectacular thickening effect.

Tip: Pass the wand both over and under your lashes.


  1. I just tried this, like literally JUST tried it (only one eye is done! lol), and it totally works!
    OMG, it looks like I have falsies on right now, that's how gosh darn long and full they became :D
    Thank you so much for the tip hun!! <3 ^__^