Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Okay so I haven't really gotten to like DIGG into all my products because oh my LANTA I had SO much ANYWHO in this category is the face whip,coverstick,blushes,brushes,powder,shimmery bronzer powder and concealer. I actually LOVED the facial whips. I used the lightest color as a highlighter for my checks this morning and it blended VERY well. The cover sticks humm I tried a litte bit on my face and I would say they seem like a full coverage stick and were creamy. My brushes I LOVE as well, I ordered 12 of them and then the fan brush from the studio collection I think I was most excited about my brushes since I only had 5 from Sephora *they are deff still my babies though :)* and last but not least the concealer I used them this morning. I bought a pencil/brush concealer and then 4 liquid concealer I mixed them this morning and I think I'm deff going to have to buy more of the concealer sticks LOVE LOVE LOVED the concealer/brush stick. The powder and bronzer powders were very pretty. All in all I would say it's nice products, BUT it wasn't a lot of product in some of the stuff, Like some of the stuff seeed like sample like such as the cover sticks were small, the powders and bronzers seemed shallow so if you buy the product buy it in abundance. I really do like the face products though would just like more product :)

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  1. wow, you bought a lot of makeup. hope to see some of the products in reviews.