Wednesday, June 3, 2009

EYES and nails :)

This part includes: eyeliner,eyeshadows,nail polish and cuticle pen.

The eyeliners were creamy,glided on well and smudged very well* with the help of the smudge brush :)* The eyeshadows are small, but pigmented pretty well they are pretty shimmery. The nail polishes I will put to use tonight and let y'all know how that goes and well the cuticle pen I liked, but I think it's going to take sometime to see if it works well.

I will have to do swatches tonight and post them it's just difficult because like I said before my bf is slow at helping me upload them since it's his laptop and camera I use so sorry :( BUT I hope this helps some of y'all with your purchases with E.L.F. DEFF ask me questions if you have any.

XX's Margo

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  1. Hey girlie, ELF sent me a huuuuuge order by accident one time (they sent like 35 items when I had ordered 5) so I have almost all this stuff. I really like the liners, I have Ash and the midnight blue....beautiful colors but they bleed big time after like 45 minutes in this FL heat. The nail polishes come in pretty colors but only last like 2-3 days even with 3423 top coats. I found the cream duos to be a little too greasy for me, and I was just using them as a base for my e/s. One thing that I LOOOOOOVE is the cuticle has literally transformed my cuticles. I will definitely repurchase this! Let us know how you like everything!