Thursday, May 21, 2009

I have always had a love for makeup it completely gives you an opportunity to recreate yourself. Bright colors are DEFF my fav with a Barbie pink lipstick *what can I say*. I am trying to get into a school that is specifically for makeup, but whew it's alot more pricey then what I though so keep you fingers crossed that I get to do that.
Humm I guess I'll name some things about me :

* Friends
* Family
* Love
* Makeup Guru
* Sunnies
* Music
* Studs
* Pearls
* Starbucks
* My lame ass Jokes...that crack ME up
* Natural Blond..for sure lol
* Pink Lipstick
* Red Lipstick
* Loud
* Bright Colors
* Sundresses
* Gay men
* My Sugar Gliders
* Standard Poodle and Wennier dog
* Mexican food
* The word, "SHUT UP!?!?"
* My amazing boyfriend
* Odd
* Outspoken
* Southern

and that's some of the words to descibe ME :). Well here's to a successful new blog

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